Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

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Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

One of the most active rooms of the house is the kitchen.

With several sections forming up the general outlook, there are some details which you may miss as a homeowner.

The cabinets are one of the sections which are not fully understood and usually prompt a series of questions regarding the design and function.

As a homeowner, sometimes you may think the kitchen cabinets have backs.

No! They are not designed to have backs since they are attached against the wall during installation. The kitchen cabinets have strips that play a crucial role in ensuring they are attached to the wall and remain in place.

So, you may be wondering that if they do not have backs, then how are they attached to the wall?

Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

Therefore, once mounted in place, the wall is used as the back of the kitchen cabinets. Instead of having designed backs, the walls will play the backs-role efficiently.

Do Sink Base Cabinets Have A Back?

No. The sink cabinets do not have a back. Since sink base cabinets are designed specifically for the sink.

They are made so that plumbing activities may not be hindered in any way whenever the need arises.

One of the ways of ensuring this is achieved is by doing away with the back panel.

The other parts of the cabinets you may find missing on the sink base cabinets are the drawers.

Fixing drawers on these cabinets may interfere with the piping under the sink, including water pipes, in one way or the other.

You do not want to keep on doing plumbing work due to what could have been avoided from the beginning.

The other functional parts of the sink affected by sink base cabinets(Amazon Link) backs are the waste traps and disposal mechanisms.

Thus, the backs are not included in their design.

Are Wood Cabinets Coming Back In Style?

Many conventional kitchens have been rocking with wooden cabinets for a long time.

This trend does not seem to be affected by any changes in the modern era since the new upcoming designs of the contemporary kitchen designs still include wooden cabinets,

However, the new versions of the wooden cabinets may be a little customized by homeowners who prefer some added new look.

Customizing the cabinets is done by applying different coloring to the wooden cabinets to get them a new appealing look.

Some of the most preferred colors used for cabinet customization by homeowners are blue, white, green, and sometimes a blend of colors.

Can You Tell The Quality Of The Kitchen Cabinets?

First glance into the kitchen and one particular section is more likely to stand out than the rest; the cabinets.

The cabinets can either give your kitchen a standard or an elegant feeling, depending on the quality of the ones in place.

So, how can you tell if the kitchen cabinets you are acquiring are quality? Here are some key points you may want to pay more attention to;

  • The front part; since this is the immediate part the eyesight will first capture, ensure it is made of solid wood.
  • The wood should be clean without unnecessary errors and alterations. No knots, standing marks, or coloring, which is not correctly done.
  • Support for side panels; you will know the side panels have excellent support and fewer chances of falling apart if they are routed with a groove.
  • Since wood plays a key role in the entire production, the drawer section should also be of solid wood without alterations or blends.
  • The hinges and shelves should be adjustable.
  • The cabinet drawers should have two side-mounted slides for each cabinet and not one.
  • The sides of quality cabinets are made from hardwood measuring about two inches in thickness.

These are highlights of some of the features you may think about when you want to settle for quality cabinets.

Some may also be identified by looking at the cabinets and judging the quality.

There will always be something that results in an immediate turn-off when you evaluate the cabinets or escalate the possible reasons to make you acquire them.

But always remember the cabinets are some of the most easily recognized kitchen particulars.

If you want the kitchen to be complemented with either standard or elegant look and feel, then the kitchen cabinets should do that.

What Is The Minimum Base Cabinet Size?

The minimum base cabinet size of a sink is the measurements taken to ensure the sink fits properly on the cabinet.

These measurements indicate the least amount of space required for the top counter and the under-cabinet section.

Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth It?

Solid wood cabinets often top the ranks of listing when compared to cabinets built with other materials.

They are of high quality and more durable, thus will serve you for longer and complement your kitchen with the elegant look you desire.

Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

Here is what you may need to know more about solid wood cabinets if you are contemplating purchasing them;

Reasons Why Solid Wood Cabinets Are Worth It;

High value; Wood cabinets offer you nothing else but the maximum value for your money.

Since they are known to be more durable than other materials, they will last longer, and with adequate care for the wood.

Well, it may take a long time, even decades, before you consider making replacements or upgrades.

The initial high cost of acquisition may make you feel a little pinch, but once you have it in place, you are likely to realize it was worth it.

Strength and durability; Many homes have been built using solid wood and even bridges; this fact alone is adequate to show you how strong the wood is.

Therefore, if solid wood can be relied on when building bridges and homes, imagine the kind of durability it will offer when used to make cabinets.

I would say unmatched to the other materials used in making the cabinets.

However, you must note that different types of wood have different durability and strength levels;

Thus, you should always ask more and do adequate research on the same before deciding on the one to acquire.

Ability to customize; The solid wood cabinets offer you a wide range of customization options you can make.

Unlike other materials, you can choose your cabinet to look like the shape and the finishing used.

The advantage of customization is that you can alter the look of your kitchen cabinets anytime to fit your needs for different looks.

You may use different finishing types to come up with a general complementing look for the kitchen décor.

Using solid wood would give you such freedom for customization and giving your kitchen a unique look.

Aesthetics; Solid woods are known for their beautiful grain patterns. However, just like they vary in durability and strength, so is the same case with the grain patterns.

Different types of wood have different alignment and patterns.

The maple, cherry, or oak are some of the best options you may want to consider when looking for a remarkable grain pattern.

Vast options; solid wood cabinets come in various options to choose from since there are many different types of wood used in production.

With the vast range of choices to pick from, it is unlikely that you may miss what you are looking for.

The different types of wood avail different patterns, strengths, and durability.

You are sure to always find the type of wooden kitchen cabinet you are looking for. The type and quality of wood you seek, as well as your budget range, will be available.

That said, you may be questioning if the wooden cabinets are all perfect.

The wooden cabinets may be great, but just like any other great thing, there is always a possible drawback.

Here are some setbacks faced by the wooden cabinets if you are still trying to decide on what to settle for.

You may want to keep them in mind even as you go ahead to purchase them to avoid any surprises;

Setbacks Of Solid Wood Cabinets;

Moisture damage; One way of ensuring your wooden cabinets’ safety is by shielding them from moisture contact.

Most wooden cabinets, actually almost all of them, are prone to water damage, especially when left without any finishing.

Cabinets made of hardwood wood such as red oak may be relied on to withstand moisture, but this only applies up to some level, after which they may be affected too.

Otherwise, the rest of the wood remains unfriendly to water contact and can be damaged.

And how do you solve this? Protect your wood cabinet against moisture contact by adding waterproof finishing.

Pest infestation; Wood is an un-synthesized material thus remains vulnerable to harbor bugs and other types of pests.

Therefore, always ensure your wood cabinets are maintained clean all the time to avoid pest infestation.  

Warping and cracking; Solid wood, like most other materials, expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes.

During the expansion and contraction process over time, the wood may crack or warp.

If your wood cabinet has been painted, then you may quickly identify the cracked areas as they will be more visible.

However, this should not get you all worried as there are new upgrades and developments which carpenters have come up with to minimize the rate of warping and cracks.

Are There Cheaper Cabinet Options To Consider?

Solid wood cabinets are relatively expensive to acquire. There are cheaper options of solid wood cabinets, alright.

But even the cheaper ones may be expensive to some homeowners. So, are there cheaper options to consider if you do not want solid wooden cabinets?

There are more affordable options to go for, and by this, I mean the Medium-density fibreboard, mainly referred to as the initials MDF. 

They are more durable and denser than plywood.

The MDF is engineered wood which is made of thin panels of wood, wax, and resin. They are relatively strong and dense, thus preferred for making cabinets.

But just as the solid wood cabinets, MDF cabinets have their merits and drawbacks.

Some Of The Benefits Of MDF Board Cabinets Are;

Affordability; The MDF board cabinets are the next to consider when looking for durable, affordable cabinets after the solid wood cabinets.

They are relatively more affordable, and most homeowners can comfortably have them installed.

And did you know that with adequate care, the MDF cabinets may stand a chance of lasting as long as the solid wood cabinets?

In the long run, you may still get the same cabinet service offered, but at a lower price.

Smooth finish; If you are not a fan of visible grain such as the ones on wood, then the MDF is the ideal choice for you.

The panels are made from a combination of fine particles; thus, no visible grains or patterns. The finish is smooth and ideal for painting.

No warping or cracking; one of the main problems faced by solid wood cabinets, despite their expensive cost, is warping and cracking.

Well, it may delight you to realize that by purchasing the MDF board cabinets, you will be doing away with this problem.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations do not affect the MDF boards as they have been designed and engineered to withstand such conditions.

Water-resistant; the MDF board cabinets are not affected by water.

Therefore, if your home experiences moisture conditions that may damage the wooden cabinets.

Then you should consider opting for the MDF ones that can resist moisture contact.

Ease of customization; MDF board cabinets can be easily customized by drilling into them and creating new ideas.

You can transform the shaker cabinets into raised panel doors without much effort.

Environmentally friendly; Solid wood cabinets are made directly from wood, whereas the MDF board cabinets are made from recycled materials and wood.

Therefore, as far as nature and the environment is concerned, the MDF board cabinets are environmentally friendly.

What Are The Drawbacks Of MDF Board Cabinets?

The MDF board cabinets have overwhelming advantages, making you have a change of heart in acquiring solid wood cabinets.

However, they also have some demerits which you may want to consider before deciding which one is ideal for you.

Here are some of the demerits of the MDF board cabinets;

Deteriorating value; Unlike the solid wood cabinets, which either retain or improve value over time, the MDF board cabinets only decrease in value.

They, however, depreciate and may have to be replaced sooner.

No grain patterns; If you are a fan of the grain patterns found on wood, then the MDF board cabinets may not be the suitable choice to consider.

They are relatively plain and clear.

Difficult to repair; Fixing the scratched MDF board cabinet is relatively difficult. Therefore, you should try and fix the slightest scratch as soon as you notice it.

Failure to do so may result in to increase in damage which will ultimately weaken the cabinet’s structure.

As we have noticed, the solid wood cabinets and the MDF board cabinets both have their good and bad sides.

You should consider what you are looking for most between either of them.

Once you have understood both types of cabinets, you should be able to settle for the one which most likely suits you.

Is It Possible To Install My Kitchen Cabinets By Myself?

The installation process of kitchen cabinets does not entirely involve as may have been assumed. With the necessary skills required and the tools, you can install them by yourself.

However, note that you should be equipped with the knowledge and skills for the task.

If you are not sure how to go about the process, then it would be better if you hire professional assistance to accomplish the work.

Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

Otherwise, it’s an easy task, and to make it sound easier, you can imagine doing it as simple as attaching boxes against the wall side by side.

Final Thought : Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Backs?

Kitchen cabinets do not have backs as they are often attached to the wall.

They, however, have strips that facilitate their wall attachment and remain sturdy. Thus, the walls to which kitchen cabinets are attached act as their backs.

Also, when considering the type of kitchen cabinets to install, you should know that they differ in quality and durability.

For instance, solid wood cabinets are made from different wood types;

Therefore, you should look for more information regarding them before settling for the one most likely to meet your needs.


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