Is Blendtec Jar Dishwasher Safe?(Tips) 

Is Blendtec Jar Dishwasher Safe? 

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Is Blendtec Jar Dishwasher Safe? 

Blendtec jar dishwasher is a best-selling kitchen appliance with an innovative design. It has been on the market for fifty years and has still managed to have remarkable success.

The company has helped consumers learn about the power and versatility in their product that hasn’t existed in any other machine before it.

Blendtec has won numerous awards over the years, including being listed as one of America’s “Best Brands” by Fortune magazine.

Yes! Blendtec jar is dishwasher safe. The jar is manufactured by DuraMax, a company that makes durable, dishwasher-safe products for the home. You should not expose it to over 176°F (80°C). The ingredients temperature should be maintained at 115°F (46°C).

To be particular about the safety of your Blendtec jar, please refer to the product manual and care instructions.

Additionally, when you are finished using your Blendtec jar, it is recommended that you hand wash it with hot water and a detergent.

Hand washing will help ensure complete cleanliness and prolong the life of your kitchen appliance.

Why Does My Blendtec Smell?

Your Blendtec smells because the motor burns your beans, the seal is broken, or your lid is on improperly.

It can also smell because it’s too hot for the lid, OR your cover is not correctly seated.

You will generally notice a burnt rubber smell for the motor roasting your beans and a brownish smoke from the top vent.

What Causes It:

  1. The high heat cycles. Unless you use dry beans, they contain water that eventually boils and evaporates (at 212 degrees).

When this happens, steam builds up in the jar and needs to escape. The Blendtec is designed to release this kind of pressure, but it’s still not a good idea.

Generally, I recommend using dry beans only. If you’re using wet beans in the blender (e.g., a recipe that calls for soaked beans).

You may need to go with a lower heat setting or run the motor longer than usual during high-speed blending. 

  • You are running your machine overheating, or your motor is too hot. This is a common occurrence and not the fault of the machine.
  • The lid is not fully seated, or the seal is broken.

How To Avoid It:

  1. Make sure your lid is on correctly
  2. Make sure your motor does not overheat. If you are running a low-heat blend (e.g., for healthy smoothies, etc.), you will probably need to increase the temperature setting by a few degrees from what you used before.
  3. Use a lower heat setting.

Or, you can always sit your Blendtec on the stove and heat it that way.

Can I Put Boiling Water In Blendtec?

No! Blendtec has a strict policy of not recommending this. If you put boiling water in Blendtec, it could be a safety hazard and void your warranty.

I recommend cleaning your blender with soap and water or running hot tap water to the bottom of the jar while blending at low speed.

The water will flush away any food particles or residue built up in your jar.

If the seal of your jar is damaged, you might experience leaking from the lid. Broken seals are also more likely to break if you drop a jar.

Blendtec suggests you have a spare jar (preferably an empty one) so you don’t have to throw out an excellent Blendtec if something happens with your first one.

Your Blendtec blender can last for many years if it’s cared for properly.

Why Is My Blendtec Blender So Loud?

The most potent reason why Blendtec blenders are so loud is that Blendtec uses a patented heavy-duty motor system in their blenders.

Since their blenders use this system, they get excellent results.

The other important reason why your Blendtec blender is so loud is that, by design, it’s meant to blend thicker foods like ice cream, flours, and more.

Though you probably won’t hear it in your kitchen very often, your blender will make a noise as soon as any food enters the blade assembly or when it turns on its axis during operation.

The sound is not dangerous, and in most cases, it’s too low to be audible. If it bothers you after the first time you use your blender, you can take various steps.

First, ensure that your freezer is set at 0℉ (0℃) or below. This will speed up the frozen foods’ thaws without making your kitchen any hotter.

Blendtec blenders have a built-in temperature sensor that can detect whether or not your freezer is cold enough.

If your freezer does not align with this sensor, it will not blend smoothly.

To get a smooth blend, you should manually adjust the speed dial and ensure the temperature setting is between 0 and 2℃ (32 and 36℉).

The second step is to turn on your mixer as soon as you begin blending. This will minimize when your ice cream or other frozen food is exposed to heat.

If you are mixing ingredients, turn your blender on as soon as you add any ice cream or frozen food.

And, as it’s blending, lower the speed slowly until all of the ingredients are blended. In this manner, you should avoid making much noise in your kitchen.

The third step is to ensure that your freezer door is tightly shut. A tight seal prevents the compressor from working harder and making excess noise.

The fourth step is to ensure that your blender lid is completely shut. If you have a wide-mouth container, it can be challenging to close your lid completely.

A half-closed lid causes condensation and has the same effect as making too much noise.

Finally, if you prefer to make that matter of fact clear: Blendtec blenders are loud. They are meant to be loud. They are also meant to blend thick, frozen foods at high speeds.

If you are using a Blendtec blender(Amazon Link) for a different purpose than it was designed for, this will make your blender loud as well.

The most effective way to make your Blendtec blender quiet is to choose thinner foods like fruit and use the low-speed setting.

You can even make your Blendtec blender quieter by adding a container and separate blending bowl.

This way, you can blend in the extra bowl without turning up the speed setting and creating noise.

Why Does Blendtec Leak Oil?

Here are some issues that can result in a leaking Blendtec blender:

The rings or seals on the containers are not correctly installed and are not sealing. This is the most likely scenario.

However, if you want to check this by yourself, you can purchase a cheap Rubbermaid container with rings and install it yourself.

If you do manage to experience leaking from your Blendtec, this will help you troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed for good.

The Container got placed on its side. This can cause the seal on the lid to be deformed and result in leaks.

The Blendtec was left on its side for an extended period, such as overnight or for more than four hours at a time.

Mixing or blending will overheat that side of the unit and cause it to either leak or throw wads of material into the motor, causing it to stop working correctly.

The blades are not clean and properly maintained. You can clean the blades with a blade cleaning brush or buy a pack of blades from Blendtec.

The Container is not correctly installed. The unit should be installed on the base with the container’s ring facing upward on top of the container.

Such that the gravity will pull the seal down onto itself. Also, ensure that the container is screwed in securely, which means it does not slip out of place during use (install it correctly before using it).

Faulty motors will overheat and then leak. Look for any discolored areas around the motor, which indicates faulty.

Does Blendtec Have A Stainless-Steel Jar?

Yes! Blendtec boasts stainless steel jar blenders that come with a host of convenient features.

The jar is designed to last longer than typical blenders and is ultra-sturdy, keeping up with your busy life without leaving a mess in the kitchen.

Blendtec offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your purchase, they will always have your back!

Customers love the jar’s durability and sleek design, as well as its versatility in use. Blendtec’s stainless steel jar blenders are available for purchase on their website or at your local retailer.

Can I Blend The Hot Soup In My Blendtec?

Yes! It’s possible to blend the hot soup in your Blendtec. Many people have done it and reported back with success.

The key is to use the proper settings, namely High for the Puree function and Low for the Normal function. You need to do this:

Hot Soup Recipe

– 4 cups of stock or broth – 2 cups of cooked bone-free turkey – 1 cup of cooked chicken (or heart, if it’s vegetarian) – 1 cup of cooked chicken liver

Preheat your Blendtec, turn the temperature control to high and place the following ingredients in your Blendtec.

Set the Puree function to High for 2-3 minutes and wait for it to come back up to temperature.

Once the soup cools off, pour it into your ice cream maker or KitchenAid attachment and churn for 45-60 minutes.

If you’re using an ice cream maker, you may want to add 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum and two tablespoons of hot broth to make the mix gel.

Which Is Quieter, Vitamix Or Blendtec?

Vitamix is quieter than Blendtec and more popular on the market, and has been around for many years.

Vitamix has always been a little quieter than their competitors like Blendtec or Oster, depending on the specific models you are comparing.

Vitamix did increase their noise levels by introducing the Ascent series, which is said to be 3 decibels louder than older models.

But, if you compare it to other leading brands, then it’s still likely much quieter than Blendtec or Oster blenders.

Is Blendtec Jar Dishwasher Safe? 

Prices for Vitamix are much higher than the average blender, but with the extra cost, you often get better results, better noise reduction, and more flexibility in your recipes.

Can You Use Blendtec As A Juicer?

Yes! The Blendtec is, in a lot of ways, the perfect juicer. The cutting-edge design and 100% metal alloy construction are super durable.

While the jar-style juicing system and self-cleaning base make cleanup a breeze.

The parts are manufactured from the highest-grade materials, and the cost of Blendtec juicers is very competitive.

Your Blendtec will work very well as a juicer, and you will enjoy its versatility.

It sounds like you are also concerned about what metal to use in your Blendtec. The material choice depends on your budget and the general durability of the appliance itself.

The base and the body are made of metal–the main parts of the juicer. The jar is made of plastic.

The jars are made from various materials, including BPA-free plastics that can withstand heat and not leach chemicals.

The Blendtec jars come in either 1000 RPM or 1200 RPM. These speeds are comparable to those of a centrifugal juicer.

Though the opening at the top provides a lot more surface area for juice extraction and higher yield in some cases.

The general price point of Blendtec juicers is lower than that of a centrifugal juicer.

The output from a juicer with this design is slightly higher than the yield from a centrifugal juicer in most cases, depending on how much pulp you want to throw away.

There are some drawbacks to using Blendtec as a juicer. Its jar-style system does not work well for things such as leafy greens like lettuce or kale.

Since the Blendtec does not rotate the pulp back into the jar, there is a tiny window of time when you can put it back in the juice and make it last longer.

So this appliance is not a good choice for juicing leafy green vegetables, just as it is not meant to be a juicer.


Blendtec is a very high-performance machine, and it’s fun to use. However, the jar-style juicing system does have some drawbacks.

So if you are going to use your Blendtec for this purpose, you may want to consider one of the other available options for using it in this way.

It’s hard to beat the durability of the Blendtec machine and its general versatility, but the jar-style system does present some limitations.

If you are interested in a high-performance machine that offers some flexibility yet is still easy to use and clean up, then Blendtec may be an excellent choice.


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