Power Vs. Electric shower -Which is the Best for You?

Power Vs. Electric shower

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Power Vs. Electric shower

There is no clear way of defining which type of shower wins the show since both the power shower and the electric shower have their advantages and disadvantages.

On condition that your chances of being a bathroom specialist range from minimal to zero.

There is a high possibility that you cannot fathom the inner operations of your shower system, but guess what, no one blames you; most of us are amazed by these systems.

Which Is Best For Me; Power vs. Electric Shower?

Power shower will offer you a comfortable long shower with a steady flow while the electric power saves more on time as it’s easier to operate; Power showers could slow in operation due to the initial heating, unlike the electric shower, which heats up faster.

One fact which stands is that power shower and electric shower is quite different despite sounding synonymous.

Let’s go through the two types of showers to enlighten you and help you understand how their operations, pros, and cons and the difference they pose in water and energy consumption.

What are the two types of showers?

Well, there are two types of showers; Power Showers and Electric showers

Power Showers 

For a power shower, your previously heated water is combined with cold water in controlled quantities, whereby the temperature is regulated by a thermostat for safety reasons.

Power showers mostly operate on gravity-dependent water systems with low pressure and adequate already heated water in their storage units.

Water flow is enhanced by a pump in a box, which is normally merged on the wall.

Power Vs. Electric shower -Which is the Best for You?

The gravitated water pressure creates a gratifying thermostatically regulated shower.

Electric Shower

For households with a short supply of initially heated water or storage cylinders, the electric shower is definitely what to opt for.

This is so because an electric shower(Amazon Link) takes cold water and heats directly without any initial activity.

All this is done as you shower. It could be time-saving, right?

Electric shower unit can be used in any home, unmindful of its plumbing system, since its system is entirely different from the normal hot water system.

This also means installing both the hot water system, power shower, and electric shower system.

All these come in handy whenever one system fails to operate for one reason or the other.

You can always shift for your convenience.

How Do Power Showers and Electric Showers Work?

Power showers are pump-assisted and operate mainly on gravity for their water flow.

Coldwater is obtained from water supply sources and stored in hot water cylinders after heating by boilers in domestic hot water tanks.

From then, they are thermostatically controlled as you shower to give out a pleasurable shower.

Electric showers, on the other hand, are supplied only by cold water, which is heated as the water flows out through the shower.

This could seem easier and a lighter process than the power shower. 

Are Electric Showers more efficient?

The efficiency of electric showers entirely depends on several factors.

These factors summed together can help an individual decide whether the shower could be efficient for them or not.

These factors include; how powerful the shower is when compared to other electric showers.

Electricity tariff an individual is on, the type of heating mechanism employed.

Whether it is a gas boiler or an immersion heater used for regularly heating ,the water system, and finally how old the immersion heater or boiler you are using is.

Can a power shower be replaced by an electric shower?

There is absolutely no reason to entirely change your shower system since the power shower and electric shower use operate differently.

Changing one shower system to the other will require a complete change of the system.

For example, when one wants to replace a power shower with the electric one, then the power shower’s system will be entirely taken out, and the electric shower’s system installed.

However, since these systems operate differently, both types of showers can be installed for your convenience as you please.

The power shower could be operational on its system as well as the electric shower.

Therefore, one has to decide whether you want your power shower to be entirely replaced by the electric shower or to have the sowers both installed.

Well, the latter would likely be more convenient, right?

Do Electric showers use more Electricity?

Electric showers are normally rated within a range of 7kW to 10.5kW.

This turns them out to be some of the most expensive electronic appliances installed in the house.

Just 15 minutes of using an electric shower are almost equal to the same amount of electric power used to light an average house for 5 hours.

However, you can always control how much power is consumed by your electric shower system by reducing your stay in the shower.

The longer time spent results in higher bills, and the vice versa is definite.

Do I need an electrician to swap my electric shower?

Without question, yes, you do. It is unsafe to swap a 7.5kW electric shower with a 9.5kW shower.

This should not be considered at any point. You have to call in a qualified electrician to handle the work for you if you are not one.

This is advised to avoid causing any electric surges, or worse, endangering your life and those within and around the property.

What You should Know when buying electric shower?

Power in electric showers is important since the higher amount of power consumed by the shower results in as much water being heated at any given time.

This, in turn, ensures a steady and consistent flow of water.

However, to achieve this level of efficiency, a higher wattage shower will be required hence a more expensive electric shower.

To determine which electric shower could be the best for you, then there are some crucial features worth considering.

Power Vs. Electric shower -Which is the Best for You?

 Thermostatic controls: Steady temperature in almost all electric showers are maintained by thermostatic control.

However, precise temperature corrections are in line with the more you pay.

Controls: This is just the choice you make between dials, buttons, and sometimes shower touch-sensitive controls.

Different models of showers are designed to suit different needs.

For instance, temperature controls with chime are made for the visually impaired to inform them when the right temperature is reached.

Likewise, most models have visible displays for temperature.

Safety cut-out: Almost every shower model has a safety cut-out that immediately stops water flow if the water is overheated.

Limescale Protection: This is a system that, at the end of every warm shower, runs cool to cold water through the system.

As a result, limescale build-up is prevented from taking place in the workings of the inner head.

This build-up, if allowed to take place, could gradually bring your shower to a breakdown. 

Should non-essential features also be considered?

Since essential features are considered mostly when considerations on showers are being made, some non-essential features are also worth being looked into.

For instance; Spray patterns. There are different varieties of spray patterns offered by a couple of models.

However, this is not likely to be possible by models that are still weak. These patterns range from smaller potent spray to wider mist, including other options in between.   

Which One Is Best For Me; Power vs. Electric Shower?

There is no clear way of defining which type of shower wins the show since both the power shower and the electric shower have their advantages and disadvantages.

The power shower will offer you a comfortable long shower with a steady flow while the electric power saves more on time as it’s easier to operate;

However, you may end up spending more on your electricity bill depending on the tariff you are on, especially if it is high.

Is A Higher Kw Shower Better Than Other Electric Showers?

Most of the time, people refer to higher kW electric showers as better.

It should, however, be noted that the higher power is to increase the consistency at which a greater flow of water is maintained and heated at your desired temperature.

This, in turn, gives a more luxurious feeling. Therefore, a higher kW electric shower does not necessarily mean a “better” shower, but the output is great.

If you can go for a higher power shower for extra comfort at the expense of a higher electric bill, then there is no problem; you can go for it and enjoy yourself as you shower.

How Can I Make My Electric Shower More Powerful?

It’s undoubtedly true that sometimes you may feel the need to adjust your shower’s pressure.

Doing this is a rather simple task accomplished in the following ways.

First, you can decide to clean your shower head. This will remove some clogs which may have accumulated over time.

More clogged holes will be opened, thereby enabling more water to be pushed out when the shower is turned.

Secondly, you could consider the replacement of the showerhead. Sometimes the showerhead could be extremely clogged that you opt for a new one.

This is advisable if you want to have more water flow through your shower. At times perhaps you want to swap your shower head with one that has more perforations.

A shower head that has more holes will gush out more water.

Another way of increasing pressure on your electric shower is installing it with a cold water accumulator tank.

Why Is My Shower Pressure Suddenly Low?

Causes of the sudden drop in shower pressure differ with the type of shower you are using.

For instance, if you are using an electric shower, one of the main reasons would be the pipes’ blockage. Pipes supplying the shower with water are corroded over time and end up clogging.

Damages to pipes are also potential reasons for a sudden pressure drop.

For power showers, which sometimes rely on gravity, a significant drop in water level could result in a drop in shower pressure.

The higher the amount of water in the shower water storage units, the higher the pressure.

As the amount of water reduces, so does the pressure.

Why Does My Electric Shower Cut Out After 5 Minutes?

Given that the water in your shower system is absolutely low, then the cut out could be a result of the installed shower system known as “Thermal Cut-Out.” This system is installed in most.

If not all, electric showers to regulate the heating in the shower. In any case, the water is overheated, power supplied to the elements is cut, and heating stopped.

A little overheating in the shower will result in the power being cut off by the TCO and after that resets.

Most power showers probably do not have this feature as the water is initially heated and stored, only released and mixed with cold water as one desires.

What Problems Do Electric Showers Have, And What Causes Them?

Some of the downsides of the electric shower could be as follows;

The water in the shower is inadequate, and the water is tepid.

When the micro-switch burns out inside, it will deter the power from reaching the elements.

This could be one of the reasons for the shower to be tepid or lack enough power. Also, there is a possibility of an element being burnt out.

If this occurs, then the shower will only be operating at half power.

My shower simultaneously goes hot and cold

If enough water does not get into the shower, then the effect of water becoming hot and cold could be as a result of this condition.

You should ensure that the valves are fully open, that is, the valve coming to the house and the valve on the shower line.

If you have confirmed that the valves are both fully open, then the other possible reason for this problem could be with the flow valve inside your shower.

If this happens to be the case, then you should consider replacing them.

The shower turns out to be imperatively cold.

This is a condition that could probably be resulting from the Thermal Cut-Out, TCO.

However, the TCO normally reacts in such a way whenever there is overheating activity in the shower.

If the shower overheats, it cuts the power off and, after that, resets instantaneously.

Continuous re-occurrence of this situation or an exceedingly overheating will result in the TCO cutting out completely, needing replacement.

Water leaks from the bottom of the shower

Whenever you realize that your electric shower’s water is leaking from the bottom, one of the probable causes could be an activation of the Pressure Relief Device, PRD.

They are possessed by all manufacturers, although they may differ in shapes and sizes.

However, in most cases, it is a ball present in the PRD which is ejected whenever the heating tank experiences a build-up of pressure.

Power Vs. Electric shower

This could be caused by a kinked shower hose or by a showerhead that is blocked.

There is no water being released from the shower

Solenoid valve; this is the most common fault with electric showers.

An awkward situation whereby the shower suddenly halts all its operations when you have got soap all over your body could be much likely a result of this.

Normally, it is the coil gets spoilt. The function of the coil when in action is to lift the plunger, which is within the solenoid valve, thereby allowing the water to get in the electric shower.

The breaking down of the coil results in an immediate stop of water flow; hence no water comes out of the shower.

Which Are Some Of The Power Showers I Should Consider When Acquiring One?

Showers operate differently. Hence you have to pick one which works best for you carefully.

However, you could consider some of these and settle for the one which suits you.

These examples include; Aqualisa Axis Digital Pump Built-In Valve Shower AXDC2A

– Florence Thermostat Shower Valve

– Mira Vigour T Thermostat Shower

AquaStar Elite High-Pressure 6-setting Luxury Spa Hand Shower

– Levo Thermostatic Valve Dual Control by Pura UK

-Mira Event XS Power Shower.

These are just some of the many varieties of power showers you may choose from on your quest to acquiring one.

Nevertheless, you can always go for a better one or any that aligns with your liking, for that matter.

In conclusion, there is no entirely one way to determine which type of shower is better than the other, between the power shower and the electric shower.

Both types of showers have advantages and disadvantages in one way or the other.

Power showers could be somehow slow in operation due to the initial heating and all that process, unlike the electric shower, which heats up faster as the shower is being used.

Electric showers can be considered when one is on a short span showering schedule as less time is likely to be used in the process.

But a higher charge on your electricity bill, depending on the tariff you are on, is likely accompanied by it.

It is therefore upon you to decide which type of shower efficiently suits you, whether it is for luxury, time-saving, energy-saving, or any other reason you have in mind.

Both the power shower and the electric shower are good, depending on what you are looking for in particular.


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