Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

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Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

Nutella is a well-renowned chocolate-hazelnut spread manufactured by an Italian company named Ferrero.

Ferrero is ranked number three amongst the largest chocolate producers worldwide.

In the second world war, Nutella was first made in Italy by Pietro Ferrero to compensate for the short cocoa supply in Italy.

Nutella has been seen to rise in popularity ever since its inception into the chocolate industry and is being used worldwide in the present time.

Nutella is rich in proteins which bodybuilders need in their daily diet, rich in essential fiber,contains a good amount of sugar and fat along with high-calorie composition that is suitable when it comes to bulking their bodies.

Nutella is commonly consumed while making breakfast or desserts around the globe.

It’s used as a spread on waffles and pancakes, or it can also be used as toppings for toast during breakfast.

When it comes to bodybuilding, everyone has their good reasons to take part in it or not. Bodybuilding is a progressive resistance exercise done to tone and develop body muscles.

Bodybuilding is majorly done in the gyms unless you have one at home, which is an advantage. We are going to look at why bodybuilders eat Nutella.

Some people say Nutella is good for bodybuilding because it contains hazelnuts, but an opposing side says otherwise. Here is why Nutella is good for bodybuilders.

Nutella is beneficial to vegan bodybuilders because they cannot quickly get proteins from natural foods, but Nutella can do the trick.

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

Nutella is rich in proteins which bodybuilders need in their daily diet.

Nutella is also rich in essential fiber, which helps reduce heightened cholesterol levels when consumed in 30 grams daily for a couple of weeks.

It contains a good amount of sugar and fat, which bodybuilders also need. The American Heart Association also recommended that our daily calorie intake include 20% to 25% of fat.

The high-calorie composition in Nutella is also suitable for bodybuilders when it comes to bulking their bodies.

The disadvantage Nutella has is its high sugar and fat content that steers away those with health conditions like type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Another disadvantage is that those bodybuilders that are allergic to nuts should not consume Nutella since it contains hazelnuts.  

Is Nutella Good For The Gym?

No, Nutella is not suitable for the gym. There are a number of bodybuilders that use it in the gym, but it’s not advisable to use it in plenty.

With sugar being its number one ingredient and palm oil as its second most concentrated ingredient, it indicates a red flag for Nutella.

As much as hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa are the most advertised ingredients for Nutella, they are not the main ingredients.

To break it down, Nutella contains the following components;

  • Sugar – 42%
  • Good fat – 34%
  • Bad fat – 16%
  • Protein – 6%
  • Fiber – 2% 

The hazelnuts in Nutella might be beneficial to our protein intake, but it is all covered in sugar, and saturated fat makes them unhealthy for daily consumption.

Nutella has that sweet chocolate taste that makes people want to eat more of it in a serving.

With this in mind, the prescribed amount to be consumed a day is hard to adhere to because of its sweetness and chocolate tastes.

So, it’s advisable that when you want to use Nutella as a part of your gym meal, you should maintain high discipline and use it in small portions.  

Instead of using Nutella for your gym meals, you can opt for Peanut Butter which is a better option.

And contains around 30 vital minerals and vitamins, enough protein, which is suitable for bodybuilders. 

Is Nutella Banned In The USA?

No. Nutella is not banned in the United States of America. The USA has its brand of Nutella, different from the one produced in Europe.

Nutella was first imported to America in 1983 when it was still not that well known. Nutella is like an American icon and is used in all breakfast meals by most American families, if not all.

Nutella did prominent advertisements of Nutella in America back in 2012 to be an American icon as well.

It has managed to surpass the fame of peanut butter in America because of its deliciousness.  

In 2019, a Nutella factory in Normandy, the most giant Nutella production factory, was shut down temporarily.

This was to allow investigations on a defect in one of the ingredients they use in Kinder Bueno chocolate bars and Nutella spread. 

Why Is Nutella Packed In A Glass Jar?

There are two types of Nutella, the one made in the USA and the Italy one, and they are both produced in different factories.

Many have confirmed that the Italian Nutella is sweeter than the American one and is usually packed in glass jars and the American one in plastic jars.

Nutella is packed in glass jars because recycling glass is much faster and easier than plastic.

Glass jars filled with Nutella, Italian, are also identified as the original Nutella, and most people go for them. 

What Can I Do With Old Nutella Jars?

There are several ways to reuse old Nutella jars in homes.

It saddens to begin seeing the bottom part of your Nutella jar; it usually indicates that your Nutella is in the stages of getting finished.

In the United States of America, a family regularly uses at least one jar of Nutella in a month, like 12 jars in a year.

With such a collection of either glass jars or plastic jars, there is a lot one can do with them, reuse them.

First, you will need to clean the empty Nutella jar by pouring hot water into it, close it, then shake it well to reach all the corners of the jar.

Once the jar is clean, you can now reuse it for different functions. 

You can use Nutella jars to store your accessories. After the jar has been well emptied and cleaned, you can design the empty jars into a storage unit for your office or home accessories.

You are at liberty to design the jar to your liking and even label it to be sure of what is put inside it, or give them a fancy name to look good.

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

You can use an empty jar of Nutella to make a lampshade. You will need an empty Nutella jar, a wire, a bulb (that does not emit heat), and a wire plug.

Make a hole on the jar’s lid that can hold the bulb in place, fix the bulb in the spot facing inside the jar, connect the wire to the wire plug and the bulb. Voila!

You have a portable bulb; all you need is a socket. The jar helps you hold and move the bulb around since it is held tight by the jar lid.

Another use for empty Nutella jars is candy storage. Take empty Nutella jars and decorate them to your liking.

With that done, you can put varieties of candy in the jars and even give them out as gifts at parties. 

You can reuse empty Nutella jars to store spices. As per the size of Nutella jars, you can store large quantities of spices in them.

You will need the label the various jars in accordance with whatever spice they hold to avoid confusion.

It also makes the display look appealing to the eye when they are stored in a uniform storage jar.  

Pencil holders are also another way to use old Nutella jars. You need to cut the top part of the lid, or you could as well do away with the cover and use the jar.

Paint the jar with a solid color that matches your surrounding or a color of your choice. Done, you have your pencil holder. 

You can also reuse old Nutella jar lids in homes. Nutella jar lids can be reused as picture frames.

You stick a magnet with strong glue to the back of the lid, get your favorite photo, trim it to the size of the lid and stick it inside.

Then you can attach the lids to the fridge door as a way of decoration too. These will work like fridge magnets and also helps share memories around the house by hanging pictures around. 

Old Nutella jars can be used as a set of decorations for your home. One can get creative with the jar by painting it and adding a little detail to it to make it more attractive.

You can do this with a number of old Nutella jars and arrange them on a shelf or table, or stool for display.

This adds more light to the room, which brightens up the atmosphere in the room.

You can transform old Nutella jars into cocktail jars, especially glass jars.

Take empty Nutella jars, clean them well, paint them if you need to or just put a sticker to it.

Then make a hole in the lid for a straw to pass through—an easy way to get yourself cocktail jars decorated to your liking. 

Can We Mix Nutella With Milk?

Yes, we can mix Nutella with milk. You can combine Nutella with milk, but you will have to melt it first.

You will need a microwave or oven-safe bowl, put milk and Nutella in the bowl, then put the mixture in the microwave.

Heat the mixture until hot, then remove and stir with a spoon to ensure the Nutella dissolves in the milk.

You can mix Nutella with milk to make a milkshake; get an empty Nutella jar or any mug or glass.

Put some Nutella in the jar, add milk to it, close it and put it in the microwave for around three minutes.

After the Nutella has melted in the milk, shake the mixture well to ensure they are blended in perfectly, the milk and Nutella.

You can then add some chocolate chips or whipped cream to it for a better taste. 

Is Nutella Like Peanut Butter?

No, Nutella is not the same as Peanut Butter because of the difference in ingredients and the concentration of certain elements.

Peanut Butter is scientifically proven to be healthier than Nutella because it has low sugar.

The protein content is higher than in Nutella, and there are those with a low-fat concentration.

On the other hand, Nutella has sugar as its main ingredient, followed by palm oil, which is a health hazard when consumed in plenty.

It can lead to severe weight gains, turning into serious health issues. So, Peanut butter wins in terms of nutritional value.

When it comes to taste, Nutella takes the lead; it has a sweeter taste compared to Peanut Butter which has a taste of crushed-up peanuts.

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Nutella?

As surprising as it may sound, Peanut Butter can be used as a shaving cream and as bird food, whereas Nutella can be used as a soap, quite interesting.   


Nutella has been recognized worldwide, and it continues to grow in popularity all over the world.

Nutella has managed to capture the markets of one hundred and sixty countries where it is sold.

Nutella was first discovered by Pietro Ferrero in 1946 during World War Two when chocolate prices were too high in Europe and a shortage of supply in Italy.

It later broke into the American market in 1983, but it was not as famous then as it later became in 2012 after a considerable sum of money was used in its advertisement.

You can reuse empty Nutella jars for a number of things like storing accessories, holding candy, acting as a pen holder, or even as a cocktail glass.

You can mix Nutella with various items like milk to make a Nutella milkshake; you can spread it on toast, waffles, and other foodstuffs.

As much as Nutella has grown to be popular worldwide, it is not considered to be fully healthy, especially when being consumed in large amounts.

It is always recommended to consume around 30 grams of Nutella daily, but the sweet taste makes it difficult to adhere to the recommended dose.  


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